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LittleSwan galvanized yellow clutch

  • Clutch For Ge Washing Machine

    Clutch For Ge Washing MachineThe function of the washing machine clutch The clutch of a washing machine is actually a deceleration mechanism of a planetary gear, also known as a deceleration clutch. Holds the motor speed 1320 RPM by pulley reduction gear and planetary gear double reduction to pulsator washing machine speed,...Read More

  • The Panasonic Clutch

    The Panasonic ClutchOverview of the panasonic clutch It's a very important part of the fully automated washing machine, and the user can configure the big wheel, the high wave wheel or any other wheel to get the different types of water, to get the washing out of the wash, and the washing effect of the washing...Read More

  • LG 3-13kg Automatic Washing Machine Clutch

    LG 3-13kg Automatic Washing Machine ClutchITEM CODE : LG XQB-1 This clutch is used for LG 3-6kg washing machine . ITEM CODE : LG XQB-2 This clutch is used for LG 7-13kg washing machine .Read More