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A summary of the attention matters of the royalstar washing machine clutch
- Dec 18, 2017 -

In the process of dismantling change royalstar washer clutch, we should not only pay attention to the specific steps, as well as some detail into consideration.

First of all, in the process of dismantling the washing machine, you should use the cross to get the screw off the washing bucket in a fixed wave tray. Keep in mind that you should move in a counter-clockwise direction. Then force on both sides of the wave plate to remove the wave disk from the wing washing machine clutch. In this process, you should be careful to control your strength and be patient, because in some cases it is not easy to dismantle.


Second, when you use a special wrench to remove the clutch nut of the washing machine, you also turn the nut in a counterclockwise direction. If necessary, use the hammer to hit the wrench arm. In addition, after removing the big nut, remove the flat gasket under the big nut 

Again, when you remove the bottom of the washing machine, you need to be careful with the royalstar washing machine, and then we can see that at the bottom of the washing machine, the clutch is attached to the laundry barrel with four hexagonal screws. So you can use a socket wrench to remove the screws. Remember, it's still rotating counter- clockwise

It is important to note that in the process of disassembly, you should carefully observe the location of the "laundry/dehydration" transfer bar installed on the clutch of the royalstar washing machine. This makes it easier to install the reset later

In particular, it is important to use the hammer to tighten the big nut on the machine clutch, so as not to come loose later. Once loose, the washing machine can cause serious noise problems during dehydration.