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A typical malfunction diagnosis for the daewoo washing machine clutch
- Dec 12, 2017 -

According to the practical application, the fault of daewoo washing machine is mainly focused on two aspects. The first case is that the washing machine is not dehydrated due to the failure of the clutch. In the other case, because of the abnormal of the clutch of daewoo washing machine, the washing machine can be dehydrated normally, but it cannot be washed.

For both cases, we need to take different approaches to deal with. First of all, the problem with the washing machine that's caused by the failure of the washing machine clutch is that the clutch doesn't switch to the dehydrated state in time, which means the ratchet is not out of the ratchet. Normally, due to an abnormal discharge of a discharge electromagnet, or a serious wear and tear on the brake belt, the claw can not be separated from the ratchet.

According to the analysis of experience daewoo washer clutch fault may be caused by a variety of small problems. For example, it may be caused by the rupture of the spline spring, or the loosening of the fastening nut of the large pulley, resulting in the damage to the gap between the two laps of the square and the outer ring. Or it's because the clutch or fong's clutch is worn by the serious consequences, and the gap between the two is larger, and it can also cause dehydration

In this case, we need to look at the gap between the clutch and the fours, and they can be replaced in time for the wear and tear. In addition, it may be because the bearing of the clutch of daewoo washing machine is abnormal, such as rupture, damage, rust or lack of oil, which causes the dehydration shaft to be unable to rotate, and the bearing should be replaced.

As for the washing machine, it can be dehydrated normally, but it cannot be washed. If it is confirmed that it is caused by the clutch of the daewoo washing machine, it can be used to turn the large pulley wheel with the hand when the ratchet is normally used to move the ratchet. If it does not move, it belongs to the planetary reducer fault.

On the other hand, if you rotate the wheel with your hand, and the wheel doesn't move, it might be because the gears of the decelerator's planetary frame is severely frayed from the flower keyhole connected to the wave axle, and it should be replaced with the great machine clutch.