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Adjusting skill when changing the washing machine clutch function
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The washing machine clutch is also called a deceleration clutch. It consists of several concentric shafts, usually two to three. The clutching process is controlled by the cpu-relay-fork-gear-hold-up, the brake is the holding brake, and the action process is the same, but the final position is not the same.


It is when the washing machine is running, a gear clip, stuck in that gear vat will not turn on the turn of water under the rotation; when the card is not the whole barrel turn. The washing machine clutch can realize the conversion of washing and dehydration functions. By means of the action of the shifting fork, the electromagnet can be sucked or disengaged to complete the corresponding function; the speed is the same when washing and dehydrating.


Therefore, the screw on the adjustment frame must be adjusted when installing the washing machine clutch to ensure the correct position of the fork. For example, when washing, the distance between the fork and the adjusting screw is about 0.4-0.5MM. At this time, the solenoid is powered off, the armature is disengaged, and the pulsator rotates slowly.


When dehydration is needed, the distance between the pawl of the washing machine clutch and the ratchet should be 1-2 mm, at this moment, the electromagnet pulls in and the dewatering bucket rotates quickly, which meets the needs of the user.