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Analysis of Typical Faults of Washing Machine Clutch
- Mar 14, 2018 -

In the washing machine, the core component of the transmission system is the clutch. For the washing machine, the main function of the clutch is to achieve the application functions of the washing machine in several aspects: 1, washing; 2, washing and deceleration; 3, dehydration conversion.


It can be seen that if there is an abnormality in the clutch components, it will inevitably have a certain impact on the above three functions of the washing machine, which will result in a great compromise on the operation quality of the washing machine. The automatic washing machine mainly divides the washing state during normal operation, and the dehydrating state realizes the cleaning of the clothes.


That is to say, in the washing process of the washing machine, the clutch as the transmission component is actually the key structure for realizing the conversion from the washing state to the dehydrating state of the washing machine. Therefore, taking effective countermeasures against its possible failures is the key to guaranteeing the safe and stable operation of fully automatic washing machines.


For a full-automatic pulsating washing machine, in the washing state, the washing input shaft undergoes deceleration processing of the clutch planetary gear box, and the rotational power is transmitted to the washing output shaft. In this way, the washing action of the washing machine can be provided with both positive and negative characteristics and low speed characteristics.


During this process, the more common clutch washing state noise faults can be summarized into two aspects: 1. The noise problem in the gearbox mixed with foreign matter; 2. The noise failure under the influence of the relative frictional movement of the brake belt and brake wheel.


During the operation of the washing machine, if you hear the noise in the gearbox mixed with foreign objects, it is mainly due to the fact that during the process of clutch assembly, the dustproof performance is adversely affected, resulting in the mixing of solid foreign bodies in the gearbox. Impurities.