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Automatic washing machine clutch stop and washing process.
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The full automatic the washing machine Clutch is mainly composed of several concentric shaft, usually two to three, fully automatic washing machine clutch on-off process by CPU - relay - fork - gear - Juan control, brake part is holding brake, action process is the same, just the final location is not the same.

Full-automatic washing machine clutch is a gear clamp, stuck the gear at the bottom of the barrel is not turned on water wheel turn, BuKa is when the whole barrel, products to a certain extent, effective implementation of the washing and dehydration two function transformation, generally the same speed when the clutch is washing and dehydration.The upper washing shaft and the dehydration axis are concentric package structure.The middle section is fitted with a brake disc.The lower end is fixed with clutch and pulley, clutch spring outside, and the ratchet (gear) is set outside the spring.

The clutch on the washing machine downtime and washing process, the effective of the ratchet pawl can dial Angle, this will make spring and clutch set loose, enter a state of washing, motor through a belt drive, only produces washing shaft rotation.

In the process of dehydration, the pawl will seize the ratchet, and the clutch spring will hold the clutch and the dewatering shaft, so that the clutch will rotate simultaneously with the dehydration shaft.When the spring is washing, hold the dewatering shaft to prevent the spinning of the bucket.Brake steel band to control the dewatering brake.

Full automatic washing machine clutch washing when the wheel is low speed rotation, when dehydrated, remove the bucket high-speed rotation;When washing, the motor belt is rotated in the lower part of the washing shaft, which is transmitted to the upper part of the washing shaft by the planetary reducer to drive the rotary.The speed ratio is 1/4.8.