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Automatic washing machine purchase requirements and operating methods and steps
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Automatic washing machines are more convenient to use than dual-cylinder washing machines. In the process of operation, they only feel that there are many buttons on the panel. They do not know how to set them, so they will feel at a loss, but once they are used once or twice It's actually very simple.

Automatic washing machine method and procedure

In the process of purchasing and installing an automatic washing machine, it can be effectively determined according to its own economy and preferences to a certain extent. In fact, the washing machines are similar in the process of purchase, but only exist in the laundry capacity. Difference, after the purchase, after-sale will give you installation and debugging.

After the automatic washing machine is turned on, it effectively puts its clothes into the washing machine, and then effectively connects the inlet pipe and the power source, and opens the faucet to a certain extent. Pour detergent or liquid detergent. The amount of laundry detergent should be determined based on the amount of clothing and the degree of cleanliness. Washing powder can be poured directly into the washing machine, but it is best to evenly pour it into the washing machine's own washing powder box.

The automatic washing machine needs to be different according to the way it is washed during operation. When the operation is performed, the washing modes on the different types of washing machines are not the same. When the operation is performed, the sweater is selected to be gently washed, and the general clothes are selected. Standard washing can be selected. There are models with self-cleaning cylinders that are used to clean the rollers.

The automatic washing machine needs to effectively select the parameters such as the number of washings, the number of dewaterings, and the time of washing. After the operation is completed, the start button is pressed after all the selections are finished, so that the washing machine starts working. Some washing machines can be set up to make appointments, get ready for the job, and then set up. The washing machine will not start working until you set it. After the laundry is completed, the washing machine will emit a “drip” sound to prompt the completion of the work. At this time, the washed clothes will be taken out and aired.