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Classification and basic composition of Daewoo washing machine clutch
- Jul 23, 2018 -

The Daewoo washing machine clutch is the main component of the washing machine transmission system. Its function is to reduce the motor speed and increase the torque, and drive the pulsator to work. It is usually available in two types, one is a concentric gear reducer and the other is an eccentric gear reducer. In comparison, the concentric gear reducer has become the main form of Daewoo washer clutch due to its small size, high stability and low noise.


This type of Daewoo washing machine clutch is composed of a pulsator shaft, a sealing ring, a bearing, a gear, a gear shaft, a casing, etc., the two ends of the pulsator shaft are formed in a spline shape, and the upper end is used to install the lower end of the pulsator and the upper planetary carrier link, the planet The carrier fixes the planetary gear, and the lower end of the gear shaft is mounted with a transmission pulley; and the upper end thereof is a planetary gear, and the planetary gear is combined with the internal gear.


The upper casing of the Daewoo washing machine clutch is fixed to the pulsator shaft by bearings, and the upper end of the bearing is provided with a sealing ring for preventing water leakage. The spring on the seal is used to increase the pressure on the shaft and enhance the sealing effect. When the gear rotates clockwise under the motor, the sun gear is the counterclockwise rotation of the planetary gear, and the four planetary gears are guided clockwise around the sun gear through the internal gear to drive the planetary carrier to rotate clockwise.


In this way, the Daewoo washing machine clutch is decelerated by the gear, and finally the pulsator shaft is rotated clockwise at a low speed. If the motor drives the gear shaft to rotate counterclockwise, after the gear is decelerated, the pulsator will rotate at a low speed counterclockwise.