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Cleaning skills of LittleSwan washing machine
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Little Swan washing machine is easy to breed bacteria after long-term use, so it is very necessary to clean it regularly. Now there are many washing machine decontamination detergents on the market, you can buy the right one when washing the washing machine, at the same time, it is recommended to buy a bottle Disinfectant, mix with detergent to clean the washing machine.


After the preparation is done, we need to pour some water into the Swan Washing machine, and the added water is about 2 liters. Then the washing machine is opened, the clean water is introduced, the detergent is injected into the detergent box, the longest washing procedure is set up, and the specific time is determined according to the stains of the washing machine.


Open the small Swan Washing machine, wait for the descaling liquid to drain from the drain pipe to the bucket, and then add the descaling fluid from the detergent adding box, so many times, until the program is finished, and the filter is opened to clean the filter net. After cleaning, you can use water to clean, wipe the inside of the fuselage with rag, and then wash the washing machine automatically with clean water.


Most washing machines do not have too many cleaning problems within a year, and the small Swan washer is the same, so it is possible to clean it once every 2--3 months. In addition, every time you use the washing machine, pay attention to cleaning the filter net in time.