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Clutch definition
- Jan 18, 2017 -

The clutch, which is more commonly known as Hongkong, from the English Clutch, Taiwan dialect is often from Aberdeen or Japanese team in lumira fries called, is a device of engine powered car or other power machinery to switch the way to transfer on the axle.

The clutch is installed between the engine and the transmission gearbox assembly of automobile transmission system is directly contact with the engine. Usually the clutch and engine crankshaft flywheel group installed together, is cut off and the power transmission between the engine and the transmission system of automobile parts. The automobile from the start to the whole process of normal driving, the driver may need to operate the clutch, the engine and transmission temporarily separated or progressivejoint to cut off the engine or transmission power output to the drive system. Its role is to enable gradual engagement between the engine and the transmission, so as to ensure a smooth start car; temporarily cut off the link between the engine and the transmission, in order to facilitate the shift and reduce shifting impact; when automobile emergency brake can play the separation role, prevents transmission systems and so on overload, which play a protective role the.

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