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Clutch for royalstar washing machine diagram and disassembly steps
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Clutch for royalstar washing machine diagram

Through the Clutch for royalstar washing machine diagram, we can see that when we inject a certain amount of water into the washing tub, the motor runs at a low speed, and after a smooth and rapid power-off, the washing barrel drives the motor to continue to rotate under the inertia, and the motor winding generates a counter electromotive force. After half-wave rectification and amplification and shaping, a series of rectangular pulses is obtained. By analyzing the number of pulses and the pulse width, the amount of clothing and clothing can be obtained.

Rongshida washing machine clutch disassembly steps

1. The replacement of the rongshida washing machine clutch is troublesome. First, unscrew the screws that fix the frame, and remove the four screws that fix the outer barrel ring to remove the outer barrel ring.

2. Unscrew the pulsator screw to take out the pulsator, then use a special sleeve to unscrew the large nut that fixes the inner barrel. Q818, Q828 model inner barrel is fixed with four M6 bolts and the fully automatic washing machine clutch is taken out of the inner barrel;

3. Put a soft cloth on the floor and pour the washing machine sideways. Use a sleeve to unscrew the bolts of the two protective cages on the clutch of the fully automatic washing machine and remove the protective frame.

4. Use the sleeve to unscrew the four bolts of the fixed clutch, take off the belt, and finally take out the fully automatic washing machine clutch and replace it with a new one;

5. Follow the original steps to assemble the fully automatic washer clutch.