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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of tumbling-box washing machine and pulsator washing machine
- May 11, 2017 -

1.Effects of saving water

Because of the two different physical structures of  washing machines,  the effects of saving water will be different. Tumbling-box washing machine is the inside of the drum kept rolling, which will be in the laundry and laundry in the river will be thrown from the top of the clothes. With detergent and water, you can clean clothes. This process does not need too much water, as long as the wet clothes on it. But you need soak clothes in water with pulsator washing machine . SO tumbling-box washing machine save water more.

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2.Effects of washing

The ways of washing are different. One is to scrub, the other one is to beat. Pulsator washing machine wash clothes cleanly, and tumbling-box washing machine protect clothes well. Because of saving water, tumbling-box washing machine has little noise.

3.Effects of saving power

Tumbling-box washing machine has more functions than pulsator washing machine. Tumbling-box washing machine can make water heating and strengthen the cleaning effect, but then the power consumption will be even higher. And tumbling-box washing machine usually cost more than an hour in washing. And pulsator washing machine is to use cold water to wash, more quickly, power saving effect of saving power is better.

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4.The quantity of loaded clothes

Pulsator washing machine can be filled with the entire inner cylinder, but tumbling-box washing machine can not be. Because the tumbling-box washing machine achieve the free fall of the effect of beating the laundry, it can not be filled with washing machine. The same internal cylinder space, compared to the next, more than the number of loaded clothes.

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