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Daewoo automatic washing machine clutch power drive improvement
- Feb 06, 2019 -

In the power drive device of Daewoo automatic washing machine clutch, the method of directly driving the washing wheel and the dewatering bucket by the motor is adopted, which replaces the conventional belt transmission mechanism and becomes a so-called "air core" motor, and the advantages thereof are very remarkable. First of all, the belt drive is eliminated, and the transmission efficiency of the motor and the reducer is greatly improved.

Secondly, the Daewoo automatic washing machine clutch equipped with this structure helps to prevent the belt from slipping during the long-term operation of the washing machine (due to the slack of the belt), causing the washing machine to fail to start. In addition, the improved power unit has the advantages of stable start-up and reduced noise vibration.

In general, in the design of Daewoo automatic washing machine clutch and motor overall structure layout, the improvement of its power drive device improves the transmission efficiency, reduces the occurrence of some faults, and also reduces the vibration and noise. Reliability and simplifies the overall structure.