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Daewoo washer clutch definitions and construction fittings
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Daewoo washing machine clutch is very important in the process of the normal operation of components in the washing machine, Daewoo washing machine clutch is also called the decelerating clutch. products directly by cpu- relay fork - gear - Juan hold control in the process of clutch, the braking is brake, operation process is the same, only the last the location is not the same.
Daewoo washing machine clutch in the work process is mainly a gear clip, in the process of operation will be effectively stuck that gear VAT would not turn it down to turn the water cycle, when the card is turned the whole barrel. The clutch of the washing machine realizes two functions of washing and dewatering.
The speed of the Daewoo washing machine clutch washing and dehydration in the course of operation is the same, the equipment structure of the upper end of the washing shaft and the dewatering shaft is concentric structure suit, which would be effective installation of the brake disc, the following will effectively fixed the clutch sleeve and the belt pulley, a clutch sleeve sheathed on the outside with spring the gear is sheathed in the spring, hold out.


Daewoo washing machine clutch

Daewoo washing machine clutch wheel rotates at a low speed, in the process of dehydration of the dehydration barrel will rotate at high speed, in the process of washing, the washing shaft motor with lower rotation will operate effectively through through the planetary gear reducer deceleration transmitted to the washing shaft half, driven wheel rotation.
Washing machine can effectively set the safety switch in the process of production, so in the process of dehydration equipment, the upper cover is opened, the safety switch, effectively cut off power supply Daewoo clutch washing machine motor and electromagnet, the electromagnet power, the moving core reduction, braking causes the sliding resistance between the belt and the spring sleeve, the inner hub power transmitted to the brake disc, brake start work, make dehydration stop.

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