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Daewoo washing machine clutch accessories retaining spring replacement
- Oct 24, 2018 -

The spring is one of the important accessories in Daewoo's washing machine clutch. We need to master the replacement method. First remove the Daewoo washing machine clutch cover and connecting bolt from the washing machine, and remove the clutch cover and pressure plate assembly. It should be noted that if the balance block is installed on the bolt, the clutch cover and the balance block should be marked to be installed in the original position to avoid breaking the dynamic balance of the crankshaft assembly.


Then, the Daewoo washing machine clutch cover and the pressure plate assembly are placed on the press bed, and the lower part of the pressure plate is pressed with a circular pad having a thickness greater than 9.2 mm and an outer diameter smaller than Φ 325 mm, and pressed at a pressure of 1.5 t or more. Remove the lock nut and adjustment nut of the separation lever adjustment screw.


Disassemble the bolts on the Daewoo washing machine clutch drive bolt seat. Disassemble the flange when disassembling; slowly relax the pressing force of the press. After the pressure is fully relaxed, the clutch spring and cover assembly are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Components.