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Detailed knowledge of Samsung washing machine clutch adjustment
- Aug 12, 2017 -

The "original title" If the clutch does not fit, can produce problems and adjustment methods are as follows: 

"Overview," first of all we actually note that for Samsung washing machine clutch adjustment it is important, or when such is not the right place. For example, when Samsung washing machine clutch adjustment of time, will the phenomenon of dehydration barrel clockwise turn. This is because block holding the brake lever, to some extent, causing the brake may not hold brake disc, so had to go.

Samsung washing machine clutch adjustment arising from inappropriate dehydration barrel clockwise turns, should we actually pay attention to direct and adjust the spacer sleeve bolt, on this side, it is in order for the block between the brake lever and 1~3 mm for a gap.

Moreover, when we are faced with its washing properly, but not dehydrated when Samsung washing machine clutch is not fit. Specific reasons, or because the electromagnet after the closing, the pawl may not leave the ratchet. This time, the wire will still be loose clutch spring, the large pulley to turn to a certain extent it is directly to the planetary reduction gear mechanism on its final that's driving wave wheel one-way.

This time, we actually pay attention is to re-adjust the adjusting screw after ensuring the solenoid pull-in, from their pawls and ratchet.

Normal face dehydration, but when its washing only one-way is because Samsung washing machine clutch does not fit. In view of these failures, we actually will realize that serious to adjust Samsung washing machine clutch is very important, however, remind you that for Samsung washing machine clutch adjustment is made up of professionals, is generally not the case.

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