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environmentally-friendly washer clutch clutch removal steps
- Dec 07, 2018 -

environmentally-friendly washer clutchs also accumulate a certain amount of dirt after a long period of use, which is often concentrated at the edge of the washing machine. In such a case, it is necessary to remove the environmentally-friendly washing machine clutch and then clean it. So how do you know how to disassemble?

When disassembling the structure of the environmentally-friendly washing machine clutch, first unscrew the screw of the fixed surface frame, and remove the four screws that fix the outer barrel ring to remove the outer barrel ring; then unscrew the pulsator screw to take out the pulsator, and then use The special sleeve is screwed out of the large nut that fixes the inner tub and the fully automatic washing machine clutch is taken out of the inner tub.

Next, lay a soft cloth on the ground, gently lower the washing machine sideways, use the sleeve to unscrew the bolts of the two protective frames fixed on the clutch of the fully automatic environmental protection washing machine, remove the protective frame, and then use the sleeve. The cylinder unscrews the four bolts of the fixed clutch, takes off the belt, and finally takes out the clutch of the fully automatic washing machine, and the disassembly work is completed.