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Except for the washing machine clutch,What are the principles of washing machine maintenance?
- Apr 10, 2017 -


 Except for the washing machine clutch,What are the principles of washing machine maintenance?


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The price, the principle of washing machine clutch, and how to install and disassemble, these are essential knowledge of clutch. So these essential  knowledge can not be ignored by us, especially it is the main component of washing machine. However, today I want to  introduce the maintenances of washing machine, the following principles:

(1)   When the washing machine is working, the washing barrel can not collide with the hard objects such as metal, in order to avoid damaging the washing barrel and even the impeller and the motor. At the same time,avoid the sediment into the inner part of the washing machine.Otherwise, there is the phenomenon of water leakage by abrasing the seal.

(2)   When the washing machine is working , the water should not be too much, because it may not only effect working, but also make the water overflow, so water should be moderate.

(3)   Washing weight of washing machine can not be overloaded,which will increase the load of the washing machine.

(4)   Water temperature should not be too high, generally around 40 degrees Celsius, the maximum not more than 60 degrees Celsius.

(5)   When washing machine is working, can not use strong alkali, gasoline, etc., in order to avoid corroding washing machine.

(6)   The power cord of the washing machine should be checked regularly, if damaged or aged, it should be replaced in time.

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