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Explain and dismantle the principle of samsung washing machine clutch
- Oct 16, 2017 -

【 summary 】 the samsung washing machine clutch, it is a part of samsung clutch, and is an important part, so below, will be for this part, for their learning and understanding, in order to let everyone have a deep understanding, in turn, can be to increase their professional knowledge, and to be familiar with samsung washing machine.
1. How much do you need for the replacement of a samsung washing machine clutch and motor?
The samsung washing machine clutch and motor, if it is to replace the new words, then, in operation is not very simple, is more complex, and the workload is also relatively large. Generally speaking, its cost will not be less than a few hundred yuan, if add artificial cost, then, its price is higher still. So it's better to buy a new one if it's not a bargain compared to buying a new one.


Samsung washing machine separator

2. What is the principle of a samsung washing machine clutch?
The clutch of the samsung washing machine is a planetary gear reduction mechanism from a professional perspective. Therefore, its principle is:
Between the active and the driven part of the clutch, there is a contact surface, through its friction, or through the liquid as the transmission medium, through the hydraulic coupling to transfer torque. In addition, the electromagnetic clutch can be used to achieve this purpose. In turn, the temporary separation and gradual engagement of the two are realized. At the same time, in the transmission process, can also carry on the rotation, achieve the expected work purpose and the effect.


Samsung automatic washing machine clutch

3. How should the removal of a samsung washing machine clutch be carried out?
It is proper and standard to remove the clutch of samsung washing machine, so that it can be properly removed and avoid problems. So, the demolition work, in particular, are as follows: to be removed from the flywheel clutch cover and flywheel connecting bolts, and down from the flywheel, clutch cover, and the pressure plate assembly, such, can very good to finish the job.






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