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friction clutch
- Jan 18, 2017 -

A friction clutch clutch is a kind of most widely used is the oldest, it basically is by the active part of the driven part, a pressing mechanism and a control mechanism is composed of four parts. Master and slave part and the pressing mechanism is the guarantee of the clutch in the state of engagement and transmission power, and the clutch operating mechanism is mainly to the clutch device. In the separation process, the clutch pedal, first remove the clutch play in free travel, then separating gap within the working stroke, clutch. In the bonding process, gradually release the clutch pedal, the platen move forward in the spring under the action of first eliminate the separation gap, and the pressure plate, clutch disc and the flywheel enough pressing force acting on the surface; after the separation of the bearing under the action of the reset spring back, free space, clutch.