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Haier washing clutch clutch working state and speed requirements
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The Haier washing clutch clutch can be divided into three working states, that is, the non-coupling of the clutch, the full linkage of the clutch, and the partial linkage of the partial clutch. When the vehicle starts, the driver presses the clutch, and the movement of the clutch pedal pulls the pressure plate backward, that is, the pressure plate is separated from the friction plate. At this time, the pressure plate and the flywheel are completely out of contact, and there is no relative friction.

When the vehicle is running normally, the pressure plate of the Haier washing clutch is tightly pressed against the friction plate of the flywheel. At this time, the friction between the pressure plate and the friction plate is the largest, and the relative static friction between the input shaft and the output shaft is maintained. The two speeds are the same. The last type is the semi-coupling state of the clutch, and the friction between the pressure plate and the friction plate is less than the fully interlocked state. At this time, the friction plate between the clutch platen and the friction plate on the flywheel is in a sliding friction state, and the rotation speed of the flywheel is greater than the rotation speed of the output shaft, and the power transmitted from the flywheel is transmitted to the transmission. In this state, the engine and the drive wheel correspond to a soft connection state.

Haier washing clutch clutch plays a role when the vehicle starts and shifts. At this time, there is a difference in speed between the one shaft and the two shaft of the gearbox. After the engine power must be cut with one axis, the synchronizer can be very good. The rotational speed of one axis remains synchronized with the two axes. After the gear is hung in, the axle is combined with the engine power through the clutch, so that the power continues to be transmitted. There is also an indispensable cushioning device in the clutch.