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Haier washing machine clutch failure diagnosis
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Haier washing machines are a very important part, it's clutch. If there is abnormal Haier washing machine clutch, then perhaps there'll be a lot of problems.  For example, some users when using the washing machine, found the water, washing and drainage operations are normal, but not dry.

Why this problem is actually due to a failure of Haier washing machine clutch. So, how do we determine the specific reasons?

 First of all, we will open washing machine back, see belts worn at this time is serious, when after replacing a new belt, after you find into dry, though to hear the motor buzzing sound, but the washing machine drum is not moving.


                      Haier clutch

Next, after we removed the belt and put the washing machine into the dry procedure, its motor still running properly. Haier washing machine clutch, loosen the brake manually, rotate the drum by hand and found that cannot be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise rotation you can. What, then, is not due to one wound which lead to the clockwise rotation?

After further inspection, we find that such problems do not exist. So, whether it is because Haier washing machine clutch hold Spring damage does appear? Checked and found that clutch pulley and spring is no exception. When we infer may be due to a damaged clutch.

If this is the case, Haier washing machine clutch down, we need to check, and then to take measures according to the specific situation. If you need to replace the clutch, clutch for the same specification can be selected to install, you can solve the problem.

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