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Haier washing machine has less water consumption and lighter weight
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Haier washing machine is very simple and convenient in the process of cleaning, the space used by the entire device is relatively open, the structure of the entire device is relatively simple, convenient removal cleaning and maintenance. Consumers no longer need to buy chemical cleaning agents to clean the inner barrel, making it easier and safer to use.

Haier washing machines are generally lighter in weight and can be easily moved. The market price is generally low relative to the drum washing machine and can satisfy the vast majority of China's general household users. Haier washing machines are very water-efficient when used, and the entire facility uses water-saving technologies that control the amount of water.

Haier washing machine in the amount of water, the drum washing machine is about 40% to 50% of the washing machine. Because the washing method of the drum washing machine determines that it only needs a very low water level when washing, some drums use less water, and can save half the water than the ordinary drum washing machine.

Haier washing machine used to wash clothes, the wear of the clothing is small, the main principle is to simulate handcuffs, just like in ancient times with a stick to beat clothes to achieve the purpose of washing clothes, with the drum to rub, rub, beat, fight clothes There will be no strong rotation and entwined phenomenon, but also according to some of its internal equipment, using mechanical control to produce a huge centrifugal force plus a combination of washing powder and water to clean the laundry, very smart and convenient.