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how do you understand the clutch of LG washing machine and how to judge the good and bad?
- Jul 28, 2017 -

[keyword] LG washing machine clutch

[summary] washing machine, there are many parts, but the clutch is mainly aimed at this one, namely the clutch, washing machine and washing machine, or LG clutch, and to expand its knowledge and understanding, so that everyone in the study targeted, thus, can be improved their learning efficiency.

1. what is the LG washer clutch?

LG washing machine clutch, in essence, it is a kind of clutch, but this kind of clutch is mainly used in LG washing machine, so it will be called "LG" washing machine clutch.

In general, the clutch in the washing machine is essentially a planetary gear reducer, so it can also be called a deceleration clutch. The role of the planetary gear reducer, and pull the clutch on the pawl upon dehydration, so hold square wire spring dewatering shaft, then can make the washing machine to convert between the two functions of washing and dewatering.

2.LG washing machine clutch, if it appears damaged, then what are the laundry opportunities, or what will be on the washing machine?

LG washing machine clutch, if the damage occurs, then, the washing machine, has a great impact, will affect the normal work and use the washing machine, and the specific performance, it is for washing washing machine is not enough, or is the only single phase rotation, also is possible there will be abnormal. In addition, the washing machine in the dry, the speed is too slow, or there is a lot of noise, and even can not be dried.


LG washing machine clutch

3., judging LG washing machine clutch good or bad, how should be carried out? What's the role of the clutch in the washing machine?

If the washing machine in the use process, the direction of rotation of a problem, or there is abnormal, abnormal sound, no doubt, is certainly clutch glitch, the clutch is damaged. And LG washing machine clutch, its specific role is to ensure that the washing machine can start smoothly, shift work smoothly, as well as to prevent the washing machine transmission system overload problems.

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