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How to adjust and dismantle the Panasonic pulsator clutch?
- Nov 10, 2017 -

The Panasonic pulsator clutch which is essentially a clutch. However, since it is wheeled, it is different from the ordinary clutch. So what's the difference? How to use it correctly? Next, we will give a good answer to these questions through the explanation of relevant knowledge, so that we can have a certain familiarity and understanding of the panasonic wheel clutch.

1.  Connect the panasonic wheel clutch with the tractor

 In the panasonic washing machine, it adopts the wheel clutch, so the connection between it and  the tractor is realized by spring. This method is chosen because the connection is reasonable and suitable. Moreover, for the wheel clutch, it can also have a good connection effect and ensure its normal operation.

2.Maintenance of the panasonic washing machine clutch

The wheeled clutch in the machine's washing machine, which is short for the panasonic wheel clutch. If there is any damage to the clutch that needs to be repaired, then it is necessary to find the manufacturer of the product and be carried out by the professional and cannot be carried out without authorization. And, you know, different manufacturers, the parts that they produce, they're not the same, so they're not the same at the price of repair.


Panasonic Fully auto Washing machine clutch

3. Adjustment and adjustment

Adjust and adjust the panasonic wheel clutch. Generally speaking, it is carried out by adjusting the frame to ensure that the fork in the clutch is in the correct position and at the same time, it can make the washing machine work properly

Wheel clutch adjusting standard:

Standard 1: when washing machine, the spacing between the fork and the adjusting screw should be 0.4-0.5mm. At this point, the electromagnet is off, the armature is off, and the wave wheel is rotating slowly.

Standard 2: when the washing machine is dehydrated, the spacing between the pawl and ratchet is 1-2mm. At this point, the electromagnet absorbs and the bucket spins rapidly

4. Remove

The disassembly of Panasonic pulsator clutch is performed on the concrete operation, which is to remove the fixed screw on the wheel and then remove the wheel. Then, use the socket wrench to remove the retaining screw on the clutch. After that, it is to remove the belt cover and belt. This way, you can pull out the clutch to complete the disassembly.