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How to choose a washing machine
- May 23, 2018 -

1, wash degree and loss rate. The drum type washing machine rotates in a forward and reverse direction by the drum. The clothes are lifted by the raised ribs and fall freely by gravity. The handkerchief is simulated. The degree of cleanliness is uniform. The clothing loss rate is low. The clothes are not easily entangled. Even the high-grade clothes such as silk and wool are Can wash. The drum can also warm the water, further improving the washing effect and helping to protect the clothes. The pulsator type washing machine relies on the vortex generated by high-speed operation of the pulsator to impact the clothes. The detergent is used to wash the clothes, and the degree of cleaning is higher than that of the drum type. Naturally, the wear rate is higher than that of the drum type. Stirring washing machine has good comprehensive performance. Its washing uniformity, length of washing time, amount of detergent, size of clothes loss, whether it can be washed without hot water, dehydration rate, noise and even price are all between the drum and the pulsator. .

2, the use of water and electricity. Drum washing machine washing power is generally about 200 watts, in order to improve the degree of cleanliness, drum washing machine with a heated washing function if the water temperature is added to 60 degrees, the general wash clothes should be more than 100 minutes, power consumption is about 1.5 degrees, if the drying The time is related to the texture of the clothing and it takes at least 40 minutes. Therefore, it is better for the user to have a 10 amp meter to use its drying function without causing the meter to "trip." In contrast, the power of a washing machine is generally about 400 watts, washing clothes for up to 40 minutes, so the power consumption is much smaller. In terms of water consumption, the drum washing machine is about 40-50% of the pulsator.

3, an area. In general, the open top of the drum washing machine has the smallest footprint, about 0. 24 square meters, and other drum type and pulsator type washing machines occupy a similar footprint.

4, capacity. At present, the capacity of the pulsator washing machine is 2-6 kg and the drum type is 3-5 kg. Generally, the family can choose 4-5 kg or so. For the laundry effect to be ideal, the actual input of the laundry amount can only be input at 50% of the rated capacity. Therefore, due consideration should be given to capacity, especially for pulsator-type washing machines. The amount of laundry should not be excessive, and the amount of water must be diffused through the clothes. Otherwise, the wear of clothes is large, and the uniformity of washing is even worse.

5. Households with better economic conditions and living conditions may choose drum type washing machines. Since these households often take baths and change clothes, the clothes that need to be washed are generally not very dirty. Therefore, the degree of cleanliness of washing machines is not high, and they are relatively low. The low wear rate and lack of entanglement contribute to the cleaning of high gears. At the same time, the drum type is generally equipped with an upper drain function to accommodate users who have no floor drain. However, the washing time of the drum type washing machine is about 2-3 hours longer, and at the same time, the capacity of the meter is large. If you want to wash clothes quickly and clean, do not care about winding, put the washing machine in the home is not large, often moving, requiring cheap, it should buy pulsator.

6, appearance inspection, washing machine shell should be flat, smooth, uniform coating, no light off and scratches, various buttons on the panel, the switch should be flexible, reliable contact. The toggle pulsator is free to run without noise. The clearance between the pulsator and the bottom wheel groove should be even and not exceed 2mm. The inspection certificate of the washing machine, the instruction manual and random parts (intake and drain pipes, etc.) should be complete.

7, laundry tub is an important part of the washing machine, (whether it is wave-wheel type or drum type) to choose a high quality stainless steel laundry bucket, that is, corrosion-resistant, no damage to the clothing. Touching the washing machine is an inner tube, and the outer tube of the inner tube that should be smooth without burrs must be rounded without an edge, so that the clothing will not be worn and the wire will be broken.

8, power check, power on, select the switch action and indicator light is working properly, select a test machine function, see the machine is running normally, see the washing and dehydration function, whether there is a greater noise and vibration, with or without noise, Dehydration, open the lid, should be able to promptly cut off the power and immediately brake. At the same time check whether the drainage is unobstructed, generally require a bucket of water to drain within 2-3 minutes.

9, price and after-sales service The price of the washing machine is in the same capacity, under the same function condition, compares three, because the washing machine is the home appliance product, the volume and the weight are bigger. Generally have to come to home maintenance, so the product must be in place after-sales service.