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How to choose the specific model of Panasonic washing machine?
- Mar 31, 2018 -

In the purchase of Panasonic washing machines, first from the degree of cleanness and wear rate to consider, the general drum washing machine simulation handkerchief, clean degree of uniform, low wear rate, clothes is not easy to winding; and Washing Machine washing degree than roller The washing machine is 10% higher. Naturally, the wear rate is 10% higher than that of the drum washing machine.


The second is to consider Panasonic washing machine power consumption and water consumption, in terms of Panasonic drum washing machine, washing power is generally about 200 watts, if the water temperature is added to 60 degrees Celsius, the general washing a dress must be more than l00 minutes, power consumption at 1.5 degrees about. In terms of water consumption, the drum washing machine is about 40% to 50% of the pulsator washing machine.


The price is also one of the key factors in choosing a washing machine. Generally, a drum washing machine is more expensive than a pulsator washing machine. Consumers should purchase according to economic conditions and practicality. The general noise of the washing machine is directly driven by a DC permanent magnet brushless motor, which effectively prevents the generation of noise, eliminates the noise caused by the mechanical rotation of the conventional washing machine, and saves electricity by 50% compared with the AC motor.


Of course, to buy a Panasonic washing machine to look at their own living habits and family conditions, first determine the price of often washed clothes and washing machines, such as wool, silk clothes more, it is recommended to buy a drum washing machine; such as washing cotton clothes based , It is recommended to choose a washing machine; there is an area and capacity.


When you purchase Panasonic washing machine, you need to check the appearance of the shell process, observe the whole body paint is bright and clean; transparent glass door clear; function selection and whether the various knobs are flexible; door seal rubber strip is flexible and many more.