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How to deal with washing machine dehydration sound big?
- May 21, 2018 -

1, the washing machine should be placed more stable, vertical and horizontal ground. Need to be placed correctly.

2. The four booms in the bucket are then unbalanced. The spring tension is inconsistent and should be carefully adjusted. If there is a fixed strap on the upper part of the bucket, the fixing strap is too loose and the spring force will drop. This will also cause the vibration to increase when the glue is applied. This requires manual adjustment.

3. The temporary emergency method is to open the cover so that it cannot be automatically carried out when it is dehydrated, and an alarm sound is issued. At this time, the clothes in the bucket are evenly placed around the bucket, and then the cover can be closed.

4. If the hook spring breaks, the shock-proof drip foam bracket is damaged, the washing machine dehydration barrel is damaged compared to the same period, or the drum washing machine bearing is damaged. All of them need to be replaced with new ones. Special maintenance personnel can be called to make replacement parts.

5, if the bottom corner of the washing machine is not balanced, you can also dedicate to adjust.