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How to remove LG washing machine clutch?
- Apr 08, 2017 -

                 How to remove LG washing machine clutch?

LG clutch

The first step: remove the screws fixed wheel, and then take the impeller. For the individual impeller which is hard to remove, it can be soaked in oil, or with 30 watt electric iron into the screw hole, and then hit it to  make it vibrates. In one word , you must remove the impeller .

The second step: Remove the nut of the fixed clutch, the size of the nut is usual 36mm.It can be removed by long rod sleeve. Another method of removing the nut: amputate the 300 wrench, and install the wrench on the nut, use the hammer to  percuss the wrench, and then remove the nut easily. Take care of percussing the wrench, avoid damaging the inner wall of the washing machine .

The third step: use the sleeve to remove the washer at the bottom of the fixed screw. It is very easy.

The fourth step: Remove the clutch from LG washing machine. Method: find a stick with a length of more than 1750px,One end links with the clutch top shaft, use the hammer to  percuss  another end vigorously. When you feel something is falling off the bottom of the washing machine, you'll succeed. Note: You must use iron stick.

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