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How to remove Royalstar washing machine clutch?
- Apr 19, 2017 -

How to remove  Royalstar  washing machine clutch?

First, remove the odds of fixed odds (odds in the laundry bucket screw center) with a cross screwdriver unscrew, then, in the impeller on both sides of the uniform force, the odds pull down from the clutch, if too tightly, try to soak in boiling water.

Royalstar clutch

second, remove the nut: with a large wrench, remove nut under the screw counterclockwise, and then, there is a flat washer which is removed.

Third, remove the bottom screw: place  the washing machine horizontally, at the bottom, the clutch is installed in the he washing inner barrel by

the screws in the six corners, use the socket wrench to remove the screws.If necessary, loose the two screws on large motor, then remove the belt easily.

Forth, carefully observe and keep in mind the clutch "Laundry / dehydration" switch lever installation position, because you need to install on the old position.

Fifth, remove the clutch: it’s very difficult to remove the clutch, you need clean up around the scale, garbage carefully can spray a little loose rust agent, then, find a suitable sticks against the clutch head, with a hammer to knock down from the washing tub clutch.

Royalstar clutch

Sixth, the installation of the clutch: the installation of the clutch in accordance with the reverse order of the above, do it backwards, carefully put the clutch installed in the position , screws and nuts must be tightened.

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