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How to repair washing machine clutch when the noise appeared difference
- Jan 13, 2018 -

In response to this phenomenon, you want to make the washing machine clutch normal as soon as possible, then may wish to check the following ways to repair:

First of all, we should carefully check the various parts of the washing machine clutch is good, if you find loose, you should re-tighten. Second, check if the pawl is in place. If there is a problem with the installation, the position of the pawl should be adjusted in time so that it is in place.

Next, we also need to carefully look inside the washing machine clutch, mainly for the oil-bearing, the rolling bearing is due to long-term use or other causes serious wear and tear, resulting in abnormal noise. If you have unusual problems, then first need to use special tools to replace the new oil-bearing, rolling bearings.


In addition to these factors, it may be due to the washing machine clutch pulley cracking, or reverse torsion spring is not installed in place and other factors caused by abnormal noise. For the previous question, due to the timely replacement of the new pulley. If you find that the installation of anti-torsion spring is not reasonable, or has been broken, it should be promptly adjusted and replaced.

Finally, pay attention to check the washing machine clutch planetary gears and gear shaft top of the gear, meshing with the internal gear and the rolling bracket and shaft spline engagement process whether there is a different sound. If there is abnormal sound due to abnormal fit, then the need to change the washing machine clutch deceleration parts.