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How to use the washing machine correctly?
- May 12, 2017 -

Today we all use washing machine to help us to complete washing, time-saving and labor-saving, very conveniently. But do you have the right way to use the washing machine? The wrong operation of the laundry opportunity to wash our clothes is not clean enough, but also on the washing machine damage, reduce the service life of the washing machine, increase the frequency of failure.

Then the selection of the washing procedure is introduced:

Each of the procedures described in the scope of the application is only a reference, but according to the fabric of the dirty procedures and easy to wash procedures (it’s material) to the flexible choice.

Daily washing, in addition to the dirty, heavy fabric and more expensive and delicate fabrics, not according to the material classification, but all kinds of fabric washed together, you should choose a washing procedure or standard procedures for chemical fiber fabrics. In the summer to wash all kinds of dirty and relatively thin fabric, choose wool fabric procedures or weak washing procedures can be. It is only necessary to select the cotton fabric when washing the dirty, heavy fabric. Wash the dirty wool knitting fabric, also can use chemical fiber fabric program or standard washing procedure. Drum washing machine for washing the wear rate is only a fraction of a washing machine, washing the fabric in the drum washing machine can wash in the washing machine, generally do not have to consider the damage problem, but consider how to save water and electricity saving.

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