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How to use the washing machine correctly
- Jun 26, 2018 -

1. Read the instruction manual thoroughly before using it for the first time to fully understand the usage and precautions of the used washing machine.

2. Plug the power cord into the power outlet (you must connect the ground wire).

3, put down the drain.

4. Loosen the clothes that need to be cleaned loosely into the washing tub, and put laundry powder or detergent according to the amount of clothes; cover the cover of the washing machine.

5. Turn on the power and all the indicator lights on the control panel are on.

6. Switch on the water source and select the appropriate water level according to the amount of clothes to be cleaned (normally automatic washing machines have high, medium, low, and a small number of four water level files); if you need to wash clothes with warm water temperature can not exceed 50 °C.

7, according to the material to choose the flow of water; if the material is relatively thin and gentle application of water flow, otherwise, should choose the usual flow.

8, according to the degree of clothing and how much to determine the washing process; if the clothing is thick and the standard cleaning method is selected, and the opposite is the choice of economic procedures.

9. Press the Start/Pause button after all the program selections are completed. The washing machine will start working. After the operation is completed, the buzzer will sound continuously for many times, and only one of the usual indicator lights will be on.

10. After the work is completed, turn off the power switch, pull the power plug out of the socket, close the tap, then open the cover, remove the washing clothes, clean the lint filter bag, and dry the washing machine.http://www.clutchwxxindu.com/