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How to washing wholesomely?
- May 12, 2017 -

Our main products are washing machines clutches, but today we will introduce to you how to wash clothes well.

It has been proved that the textiles washed in cold water or less than 60 degrees C can carry infectious agents, and can contaminate the whole laundry process. Many pathogens can even survive in a dry environment, such as Salmonella, hepatitis A virus and rotavirus.

Once the virus spread through dirty clothes, will cause diarrhea, wound infections, respiratory infections and other diseases, endanger human health. Therefore, the following three rules should be followed to ensure that the bacteria in the dirty clothes are effectively removed.

1. At high temperatures (above 60 degrees C) washing clothes, linen, towels, flannel and other textiles. If low temperature washing, it is recommended to use clothing disinfectant to kill pathogens.

2. In order to reduce the risk of washing machines to carry pathogens, it is recommended that the most appropriate temperature in the hot water washing machine. It is also recommended to disinfect the surface of dirty clothes to prevent the spread of infection in the family, especially when the family is sick.

3. Get dry cleaning clothes as soon as possible to prevent pathogens from breeding in wet conditions.

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