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How To Repair Samsung environmentally-friendly 5-13kg Washing Machine Clutch
- Mar 17, 2017 -

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How To Repair Samsung environmentally-friendly   5-13kg Washing Machine Clutch

Home automatic washing machine if the inner barrel, with the transfer of one-way transfer / reverse washing dehydration sound, no action, sound operation and a series of problems, most of the reason is the clutch malfunction, if you know some knowledge of electromechanical can be repaired and replaced according to the common faults mentioned in this article, if not understand the best looking for professional maintenance.

Failure 1: wash the bucket with the transfer

A: wash the barrel clockwise turn

Cause analysis: the lever and the tractor connecting plates collide, not completely hold the brake disc brake band. After a certain period of clutch operation, the brake belt wear is serious and the friction is reduced. There is oil on the brake disc.

Maintenance methods: adjust the position of the connecting plate and the lever. Replace the brake belt to analyze the source of oil pollution. If the brake disc is dirty, replace the brake belt and clean the brake disc. If the shaft assembly oil leakage, indicating the brake disc and clutch shaft riveting interface cracks or damage, need to replace the clutch.

B: wash the inner barrel counterclockwise turn

Analysis of the reasons: first, the bearing and the dehydration shaft between the loose, there is a slip phenomenon, the one-way bearing and the shell with the loose, there is a slip phenomenon.

Maintenance method: replace clutch.

Fault two: washing impeller one-way switch / reverse sound

Cause analysis: in the washing, the ratchet assembly does not open a certain margin, so that the clutch sleeve can not rotate freely in the ratchet spring. Ratchet hole shrinkage. Slip of unidirectional bearing in shell.

Maintenance method: check the shift fork assembly in the initial state of the washing is deformed, if it has been deformed, replace the fork assembly; if there is no deformation, the ratchet hole shrinkage, replace the ratchet assembly. If the reason for the third, in the washing will be accompanied by the phenomenon of rotation.

Fault three: dehydration without action

The reason is that the gap between the lever and the tractor connection plate is too large, which causes the pawl to not completely break off the ratchet wheel. The shift fork assembly adjustment screw and the lever clearance is too large, resulting in the brake belt and fork assembly can not be fully open. The other reason, because the water leakage causes the bearing to be damaged, the brake belt rusty and the brake disc kills.

Maintenance method: adjust the lever and the connecting plate to the right position. Adjusting the clearance between the adjusting screw and the lever is 0~0.2mm. Replace the ratchet spring assembly. Replace clutch.

Fault four: washing without action

Analysis of the reasons: first, the use of hand rotation pulley, if you can not rotate, it is the internal corrosion of the planetary gear stuck, or oil and copper lining and the shaft between the rust stuck. The clutch can run normally, check whether the insert is worn. Triangle belt wear and fracture.

Repair method: replace the clutch replace the impeller to replace the v-belt. Replace the motor

These are all automatic washing machine clutch common faults and maintenance methods, if there is a fault to replace the new clutch.

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