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LG Machine washing machine clutch Demolition of four steps
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Disassembly LG Washing machine clutch consists of four steps, first step is to fix the washing machine impeller screw loose and took it down, and then take the impeller. If for various reasons impeller disassembly problems, first with the oil soaked or 30 Watt soldering iron insert screw holes on their heating, then use something to hit, shake. 

Followed by a second part is removed for a fixed LG Washing machine clutch nut, based on experience, where the nut size 36mm So long pole sleeve. Or 300 wrench saw off a length, on card, nuts, and then tap spanner nut can be easily removed with a hammer. 


                       LG Washing machine clutch

Note this process is, as LG Washing machine clutch nut location is quite narrow, so be careful when tapping, not because of movement caused by too large wall damage in the washing machine, it is not worth it. 

LG After machine washing machine clutch fixing nut removed, then the sleeve removed LG Fixing screws at the bottom of the washing machine, this is relatively simple to operate. Is the fourth step of the left, it is the LG washing machine clutch separated from the washing machine. 

You can find a length 70cm Above rod, one end alignment LG Shaft on the clutch of a washing machine, and then force down at the other end with a hammer and bang until it separated. Sticks must be selected for high hardness, the effect will be better.

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