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LG washing machine clutch disassembly and common failure problem solving.
- Mar 16, 2018 -

1. How to remove the LG washing machine clutch?

The steps of removal of LG washing machine clutch is:

Remove the screw that is used to fix the wheel, then remove the wheel. If it is difficult to disassemble, soak it in oil and then operate it. After that, the nut is removed to hold the clutch, which can be carried out using a long rod sleeve, or by a wrench, but not to damage the inner wall of the washing machine.

The following work is split clutch with washing machine, can use sticks, but its hardness is higher, alignment on the clutch shaft at one end, and the other end by applying pressure hammer down, and hitting, such, can be clutch is separated from the washing machine, and removed it


2. Is there any need for maintenance of LG washing machine clutch?

LG washing machine clutch, whether it has the need to repair, is to see the size of the fault, and whether it is worth repairing. And, in general, if it is a small problem, on the maintenance cost is not high, can repair, but if the failure problems after maintenance, are likely to appear again, and more than the cost of the washing machine, then, is not necessary for repair

3. Are there any common problems in the use of LG washing machine clutch? If so, how to deal with it?

LG washing machine clutch, which is solved by common problems in the use process, is:

Frequently asked questions 1: the washing machine is in a clockwise and clockwise rotation.

This problem is mainly caused by the incorrect position of the connecting plate and the shifting lever, or the heavy wear and grease on the clutch. Therefore, if it is the brake belt problem, then it should be cleaned or replaced in time. If the connection plate and pole position are not correct, it is to adjust their position to make it correct.

Common problem 2: leakage.

The leakage in the clutch of the LG washing machine is mainly related to the water bucket and drain pipe. If there is a problem with the clutch, it may be that the clutch is seriously damaged, and the new clutch should be replaced. If the parts are leaking, they are replacing the new ones.