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LG Washing machine clutch disassembly procedures
- Sep 14, 2017 -

LG Washing machine clutch disassembly and installation is not only a skill, but also after completing but also had to prepare the corresponding special tools. So, depending on how to disassemble it? Here we share LG washing machine clutch disassembly process, want to be able to help you.

A man who is supposed to be good at what he wants will be first. We start disassemble LG washing machine clutch before, must be ready for the tools. Main tools are:38mm sleeve CAP, socket wrench set,13mm wrench, a 4 For hot metal tube, pipe wrenches, hammers.

Here take a look at how the removal steps: confirmed LG Washing machine clutch is exception, the first step should be controlled using a screwdriver, unscrew the fastening screws and remove console. In this process, care should be taken not to drag behind a washing machine connected to the water level switch and pressure tube.

Second, when the LG clutch control the fastening screws after removing, the washing machine should be dumped forward slightly, and then make it placed face down. Removed after the cage and remove the v-belt pulley, sleeve or a small wrench unscrew the fastening screw, then it can be removed.

So, in case of the failure of the LG After washing machine clutch removal, how to install the new clutch put in place? In General, the installation of the opposite order to disassembly sequence. In other words, you should put new clutch firmly fixed on the pallet, then fitted with v-belt pulley and holder.


LG washer clutch

You can set up a washing machine, and then are required to LG Required for the dewatering of washing machine clutch shaft gasket in place. Then wash off buckets, mats dehydration shaft nuts, one by one, fastening installed, finally, filled the bucket installed fixed and control housing.

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