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LG washing machine clutch function is constantly improving
- Jul 14, 2018 -

The LG washing machine clutch is a mechanical device that realizes the washing function and the dehydration function conversion in the barrel of the LG washing machine. Based on the core role of the LG washing machine clutch, people generally look at it very important. The washing machine clutches currently used in the market generally have a deceleration function, and the LG washing machine clutch is no exception.


Because of this, the LG washing machine clutch can connect the washing machine to the pulsator wheel and the dewatering barrel. When washing, the pulsator wheel can be rotated at a low speed to realize the washing function. When dehydrating, the dewatering barrel can be rotated at a high speed to realize the dehydration function to meet the different laundry requirements of the user.


As a new product, the LG inverter washing machine is determined by the intelligent control system to automatically determine the rotation speed of the motor by automatically sensing the balance of the clothes. Since the speed of washing and dewatering can be automatically adjusted after frequency conversion, the frequency conversion washing machine can determine different washing and dehydrating speeds for the texture and weight of different clothes, so that the washing degree and the wear rate of the clothes can achieve the best effect.


At the same time, the frequency conversion washing machine also has outstanding performance in saving energy, reducing noise and prolonging the service life of the motor. With the increasing maturity of inverter laundry technology and the continuous decline of production costs, inverter washing machines have won the favor of consumers. LG washing machine clutch and frequency conversion system will become two indispensable parts.