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LG washing machine clutch washing and dehydration process
- Feb 07, 2018 -

LG washing machine clutch in the use of its role is to decelerate the washing and dehydration and open the door brake in the operation of the process is mainly the use of electricity to produce mechanical action to clean the clothing of cleaning appliances in use according to its rated washing capacity is divided into household and Collective with two categories. China has a washing capacity of less than 6 kg and belongs to household washing machines. Household washing machines consist mainly of cabinets, washing dewatering buckets, transmission and control systems, and others are equipped with heating devices.

LG washing machine clutches generally refer to the use of water as their primary cleaning fluid, as opposed to using a special cleaning solution, and dry cleaning, which is usually done by a dedicated person. LG washing machine clutch in the process of washing or downtime, the ratchet pawl will dial a certain angle, so that the clutch spring and clutch release, into the washing state, the motor through the belt drive, only to drive the washing shaft rotation

LG washing machine clutch in the process of dehydration, the ratchet pawl will ratchet, the wrap spring will clutch sleeve and the dehydration axis tight, so that it will make the clutch sleeve and the dehydration shaft at the same time, the torsion spring in the washing, Need to effectively hold the dehydration shaft so that you can prevent the dehydration bucket from rotating. Brake belt control after dehydration brake.

LG washing machine clutches when washing the clutch low speed rotation, dehydration, dewatering barrel high-speed rotation, washing, the motor with the washing shaft rotation, through the planetary gear reducer after washing the shaft to the first half, driving dial rotation. Deceleration ratio of 1 / 4. Washing the lower shaft and the lower axis of the dehydration axis tightly, the movement of the ring gear directly to the first half of the dehydration shaft, dehydration barrel driven rotation, this time the planetary gear does not work.