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LG washing machine type and its laundry principle
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Almost every brand of washing machine can be distinguished from the degree of automation, get ordinary, semi-automatic and automatic three types, LG washing machine is the same, compared to ordinary, semi-automatic LG washing machine is more affordable, and The price of automatic LG washing machines is higher, so users can purchase according to their living conditions and economic strength.


To fully automatic LG washing machine, it is mainly composed of electric program controller, water level switch, safety switch, drainage selection switch, undrained shutdown switch, water storage switch, rinsing selection switch, wash selection switch and other components, through various switches. A control circuit is formed to control the voltage output of the motor, the inlet valve, the drain solenoid, and the buzzer so that the washing machine can operate the program.


In addition to the degree of automation, LG washing machines have wave wheel type and drum type. Ordinary type of pulsator LG washing machine consists of laundry tub, motor, timer, transmission components, box, box cover and control panel, etc. It needs to rely on the front and back rotation of the pulsator mounted on the bottom of the washing tub to drive the laundry up and down. The left and right sides are constantly flipped, allowing the clothes to be softly rubbed against each other between the clothes and the barrel walls, and the detergent is used to achieve decontamination and cleaning.


The main component of the drum type LG washing machine that produces mechanical action is the drum, which is repeated under the drive of the motor; it is used as a "forward rotation - stop, reverse - stop - forward rotation" movement. During the operation, due to the existence of pressure difference, the surrounding liquid flows down quickly to make up for the surrounding liquid, thus forming a flow field inside the washing bowl.