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LG washing machine using power and easy to move
- May 16, 2018 -

When the LG washing machine is in use, its power will generally be about 400 watts. When it is running, its power consumption is less than 0.5 kWh. The washing power of the LG washing machine is generally about 1200-2500 watts, to some extent. When coupled with a drum type washing machine, an electric heater is required to raise the water temperature to better achieve its better washing effect. If the water temperature is added to 60 degrees Celsius, the power consumption is about 1.5 degrees.

The laundry time of LG washing machines is short. In the process of operation, the general washing time is 40 minutes. To a certain extent, if the custom program requires less time, the general washing time of the equipment is 1-2 hours. Some models now have a quick-cleaning function, but they are only used when there is less clothing, and the quick-cleaning function still takes 30 minutes.

LG washing machine water temperature cleaning efficiency, in the process of operation will be effective and according to the actual test shows that the washing rate of its equipment is about 75%, while the pulsator is up to 95%. Washing machines only need room temperature water to wash clothes clean, and drum washing machines need to be heated to clean clothes.

The operation of the LG washing machine is very convenient. Even the elderly can be easily used to a certain extent. If any clothes are found in the washing process, they can be added at any time. The cleaning of the entire equipment is very simple and convenient. Compared with the drum washing machine, the washing machine of the wave wheel is relatively open in use, and the architecture is relatively simple, which is convenient for disassembly cleaning and maintenance.

The LG washing machine is easy to move, and the pulsator washing machine is generally lighter in weight and can be easily moved. In the operation, the price of the entire market is generally low relative to the drum washing machine, and to a certain extent, it can effectively satisfy the general household users with the largest number of Chinese consumers.

LG washing machine stirring

Laundry features: the strongest cleaning power of the laundry, the provincial washing powder Disadvantages: like the winding compared to the former two ways to increase the damage, the maximum noise is suitable for washing clothes: except all the clothes need special washing.

Ultrasonic washing machine

Ultrasonic waves generate tiny vacuum bubbles continuously between clothes. When a vacuum bubble bursts, it will produce a shock wave. It separates the dirt from the clothes and acts as a decontamination.