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LittleSwan washing machine clutch status identification and disassembly
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Little Swan washing machine clutch is a durable piece, generally less likely to be damaged, but everything has an exception, how do you determine the Little Swan washing machine clutch is good or bad? The main basis is to observe whether the clutch shaft leakage.


If you find the Little Swan washing machine clutch shaft leakage, it is necessary to replace the clutch; if there is no leakage, the clutch is the issue of sprung, then replace the wrap spring on it. General washing machine dehydration when the impeller and the drum does not synchronize the work can be initially described the clutch coil spring has problems, and then open the washing machine rear cover can observe the clutch below the pulley for water stains.


If there is that Little Swan washing machine clutch has begun to leaking, the spring is the problem of clutch leakage caused by the clutch, when this happens to replace the clutch, because the replacement of the spring will also be repeated because of leakage caused by sprung problems.


Since you want to replace the Little Swan washing machine clutch, it should be disassembled, with a large Phillips screwdriver to spin the screws on the pulsator, and the pulsar both sides of the exchange force to remove it, remove the gasket. Next is a large nut, if not the overall replacement Little Swan washing machine clutch, you do not need to remove.


Then the washing machine lying down, remove the bottom of the rat board; remove the protective frame outside the clutch, remove the belt. Remove the Little Swan washing machine clutch four screws, force left and right shaking, with a wooden pad in the pulsar axis, hammer down, you can remove it. Finally, the new clutch installed in the right way and order on it.