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Magnetic particle clutch
- Jan 18, 2017 -

In the active magnetic and follower placed between the magnetic powder is not energized in a loose state, combined with the magnetic power, while rotating the driving member and the driven member. The utility model has the advantages that the torque can be adjusted by adjusting the current, and the large sliding difference can be allowed. Disadvantages: the larger the difference in temperature rise, the relative price is high.

Slip type electromagnetic clutch, clutch work, main part, from there must be a certain rotating speed difference only torque transmission. Torque depends on the magnetic field strength and speed difference. The excitation current remains unchanged, and sharply decreased with the increase of torque speed; torque constant, excitation current is reduced and the speed reduction is more serious.

Slip type electromagnetic clutch for driving and driven components without any mechanical connection, no wear, no magnetic leakage, no impact, adjust the excitation current can change speed for CVT, this is its advantages. The main drawback of the clutch is the eddy current in the rotor will produce heat, which is proportional to the speed difference. The efficiency of a low speed is low, the efficiency value, the driven shaft speed ratio, which is =n2/n1....