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Mechanical efficiency test of washing machine clutch for Daewoo
- Nov 21, 2018 -

In order to visually detect the mechanical efficiency of the washing machine clutch for Daewoo, we can test it through the test bench. The first is to separately test the washing start torque and the dehydration starting torque of the deceleration clutch, and then install the deceleration clutch to be tested on the test bench, keeping the coaxial with the input/output sensor. When measuring the efficiency of the washing machine, the output coupling is connected with the washing shaft; when measuring the efficiency of the dewatering machine, the output coupling is connected with the dewatering shaft, and the brake lever is opened to dehydrate the deceleration clutch.


Turn on the power, adjust the power motor to the input speed required by the Daewoo washer clutch through the inverter, without load, the input/output sensor will display the torque, speed and power of the clutch input/output terminal in real time. The torque should be approximately equal to the washing or dehydration starting torque. If the deviation is too large, the deceleration clutch mounting position needs to be adjusted until the test conditions are met.


Then, according to the control power supply load, the input power of the washing machine clutch for Daewoo reaches the rated value. The loading device can now be a magnetic powder brake or other means. The test method is also applicable to the belt drive deceleration clutch or the motor direct drive transmission deceleration clutch, and the washing or dehydrating state is measured, and only the corresponding coupling can be replaced.