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Motor and capacitor and program controllers for washing machine part names
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Now the frequency of use of washing machines is relatively high in the household appliances, and the average consumer will only see the appearance of the washing machine. As for washing machine parts, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to see. What are the washing machine parts?

Washer Parts Name Motors and Capacitors

During the operation of the washing machine, the motor is the main source of power. In the process of operation, the planetary speed reducer is mainly used to drive the ferry and the dehydration barrel to complete washing and dewatering of the washing machine. In the washing machine, the motor uses a single capacitor starter, so configure the capacitor. The role of its capacitance is to increase the starting torque of the motor.

Program controller for washing machine part name

The program controller is referred to as a program controller to a certain extent. In the process of operation, the central part of the automatic washing machine control system is mainly used. The execution parts and various programs of the equipment are always directly controlled by the manufacturing process. The space controller itself and the corresponding electrical device control, and the entire work sequence is dominated by the programmer. The structure of the controller is more complex, including mechanical (motor type) and computer type (electronic type).

Water level switch for washing machine part name

The water level switch is mainly designed to control the amount of water in the washing tank during the design process. The water level switch is designed for the entire equipment. Generally, the water level switch is effectively located inside the upper housing, and a knob is provided for the user to select. Required water level. The water level is generally set at 3-4, and the user can set the level of the water level in the washing tank according to the amount of the laundry.

Its role is that when the amount of water injected into the bucket reaches the set height, the water level switch acts to cut off the circuit of the electromagnetic inlet valve and stop the water supply. At the same time, the motor circuit is connected through the programmable controller to start the washing work. When draining, when the water level in the bucket drops to a certain height, the water level switch sends a signal, through the programmer, the dehydration circuit of the motor is turned on, and dewatering begins.