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Panasonic fully auto washing machine clutch washing abnormal sound solution
- Jan 28, 2019 -

Panasonic fully auto washing machine clutch damage may cause faults: noise or abnormal noise during washing, unidirectional rotation of the pulsator during washing, no rotation of the inner barrel during dehydration (dehydration does not work), noise or abnormal sound during dehydration, dehydration The vibration is large. Due to the special structure and function of the clutch, the requirements for the size of the clutch are very strict.

However, after a long period of use, the mating size of the brake arm of the Panasonic fully auto washing machine clutch and the connecting arm changes, causing the ratchet and pawl to open during washing or not open during dehydration, and the washing machine is not working properly. In both cases, simply adjust the position of the brake arm or the top opening screw of the pawl, without replacing the clutch.

However, if the Panasonic automatic washing machine clutch emits an abnormal sound during the washing process, the back cover of the washing machine should be opened to check whether the opening angle is too large when the pawl is washed. The top end of the clutch brake arm can be clamped by pliers, and the clutch brake arm can be pulled toward the drain motor to make the ratchet pawl fit well. When the pawl is buckled to the ratchet during washing, the sound is eliminated.