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Panasonic washer clutch structure requirements
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Panasonic washing machine clutch is also known as the reducer, it is the main component of the transmission gear and washing machine when  we are using, washing machine clutch switch main function of Panasonic is to complete the washing and dehydration state, can effectively complete the dehydration in the process of emergency braking action .

Panasonic washing machine clutch if in accordance with the structure can be effectively divided into the DDM clutch and the ordinary clutch, the shape is roughly the same, such as the dehydration barrel fixed mode can be divided into general and two types of clutch disc clutch flange.


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Panasonic washing machine clutch in the washing condition, the effective traction device will loosen its equipment in the brake in the brake belt connecting rod, connecting rod with torsion spring under the action of the brake band brake band connecting rod drives the locking pawl and ratchet wheel, toggle linkage to drive one end of the rotation angle of a clutch spring.

This is the set of clutch clutch spring diameter will expand the end of Matsushita washing machine, the other end of the clutch spring will still be locked outside the fixed shaft in unidirectional bearing, to effectively maintain the clutch sleeve end of clutch spring when using diameter has been in its expanded state.

When the washing machine clutch Panasonic dehydration state, the device will brake belt link in tractor pulling the drive brake band, in the release of the wheel hub, in this case by the clutch spring clutch sleeve locking, the transmission shaft through a clutch sleeve, ratchet hold spring, clutch shaft in a forward direction fixed.

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