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Panasonic washing machine clutch dewatering and washing work principle
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Panasonic washing machine clutch in the process of the production is mainly composed of an inner hub and a torsion spring, a spring sleeve, anti reverse spring, brake disc, brake plate, gear assembly, clutch electromagnet and other components, Matsushita washing machine clutch in theelectricity please condition, the new main block the moving iron bands. The spring sleeve does not appear the rotation of the.
Panasonic washing machine clutch in spinning process, the main work is in accordance with the clockwise direction, the spring is tightly wound, this drive equipment in the transmission line with the hub and the hub in a whole, this torque will be effective through the removal of water is transferred to the hub shaft.
Panasonic washing machine clutch at this time, the electromagnetic rail electric, so that the movement of the core indentation, the spring sleeve can be automatic rotation, torsion spring is released, cut off the brake disc power source. The power generated by the motor is transmitted to the bucket by the wheel hub, the torsional spring, the inner wheel hub and the dewatering shaft, and the bucket is operated at a high speed.


                                        Panasonic washing machine clutch

Panasonic washing machine clutch in the process of production, its main principle is that the brake brake in the dehydration operation, in the process of operation has two kinds, respectively is dehydrated after the end of the braking operation and dehydration cover is opened when the brake.
Panasonic washing machine clutch in the braking principle after the dehydration, the main clutch motor and electromagnet is in the case of power failure, the moving core reduction, moving core block rotation of the brake band, so the spring sleeve and the brake band will have resistance to sliding, rotation will be slower than in the spring set of wheels, the effective power after the hub is transferred to the brake disc, the dehydration barrel stops rotating.

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