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Panasonic washing machine clutch disassembly requirements and precautions
- Mar 21, 2018 -

Panasonic washing machine clutch in the process of disassembly, its first step is to effectively remove the fixed pulsator screw, and then take the pulsator, for the removal of a particular pulsator difficult, it can be soaked in oil, or Insert a 30 watt soldering iron into the screw hole, heat it, and strike with something so that it only vibrates.

The second part of the Panasonic washing machine clutch is operated. When operating, the nut of the fixed clutch can be removed. The size of the nut is generally 36mm, and a long rod sleeve can be used. Or, cut off the spanner wrench from the 300, insert the card and nut, and tap the wrench with a hoe. Nuts can be easily removed.

Panasonic washing machine clutch in the demolition of the need to pay attention to its location is too narrow or it is necessary to be careful when tapping, in the operation should not cause damage to the inner wall of its washing machine, or if it encounters a savage user, not good at hand. Remove the fixing screw on the bottom of the washing machine with a sleeve. It's relatively simple, not much to say. Step 4: Separate the clutch from the washing machine.

Panasonic washing machine clutch The main method: find a wooden stick, length 70cm or more, one end of the clutch on the shaft. At the other end, apply a force with a hoe and force it. When you feel something is falling from the bottom of the washing machine, you will succeed. Note: The stick must use high hardness. Iron rods are recommended. In fact, it is a gear clip. If you stuck in that gear vat, you will not be able to turn it on. In the case of a non-card, it is a full barrel turn.